How to cool your computer

When I first built my computer, I installed the power supply with the fan sucking air from the outside, into the power supply, then out the back. Because computer is housed in a SFF (Small Form Factor) case, it got hot rather quickly. Here is a picture of the case I use (Silverstone Sugo SG03B-F):

Silverstone Sugo SG03B-F

After turning the power supply or PSU (power supply unit) around, to suck air from inside the computer, and blow it out of the exhaust at the back;  there was a big difference!

Here we can see the flow of air on a PSU

Further cooling ideas.
I also used a FOX-1 PCI Exhaust fan, which further cooled it. It is relatively quiet, although you can get quieter ones if you are prepared to pay the money.

FOX-1 PCI Slot Exhaust fan

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