How to fix blue screen of death (BSOD) related to ATI HD Series cards

As I mentioned previously I have been trying to catalogue problem both past and present I have had on this Blog. As some will know I have a ATI HD 5770. It caused me 2 issues, 1 screen flicker but the second was random BSODs.

The BSOD problem was caused by the ATI HD (High definition) or HDMI Audio driver that is installed by default with the catalyst suite with comes with ATI graphics cards.

Here is an example of BSOD:

The arrows indicate where problems area lie

I think the issue has been resolved by ATI/Microsoft now, and the catalyst version I use (11.7) works fine. But in case people have this problem there are 2 ways to fix this problem:

Solution 1

Firstly uninstall ATI Catalyst, this should remove all the drivers, and restart

Next install a fresh copy of ATI Catalyst and use custom mode:

ATI installer screen

Then when given the option, deselect the HD audio, and complete the install:

Custom setup screen

This will make sure that the HD audio drivers will not cause a conflict.

Solution 2

Disable the ATI HDMI audio driver in device manager. This should have the same effect.

Go to device manager/sound video and game controllers/right click the ATI HDMI audio/ disable.

Final Thoughts

Just a quick word on BSOD they can be caused by many things, but the usual causes are drivers, more specifically Graphics and Sound card drivers. Other causes can be hard disk problems or RAM issues (rare -unless you just upgraded your RAM)

Graphics drivers are quite temperamental, if your graphics drivers work fine with the current drivers it does not necessarily mean it will work with newer, updated drivers, that is, sometimes driver updates can be worse; but usually these are fixed with future driver releases.

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  1. Gabriel Elias says:

    Hi me friends I have a problem with my HD5770, and erro is “the video scheduler has encountered an unexpected fatal erro”: Technical information – 0x000000119 (0x0000000001, 0x0000000001, 0x0000000001, 0x000000000001) be saved?

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