How to replace a hard drive on a laptop (sata)

A while back my flat-mate’s laptop hard drive keeled over and died. It wouldn’t boot and wouldn’t read in a caddy, and as there was no back of the data, it was all lost too. Only one thing for it then, buy and install a brand new hard disk.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to physically replace the hard disk, I won’t be showing you how to install windows now and there are many other blogs that cover that.
Hopefully this will give you the confidence to go ahead and replace a disk is you need to.
How to replace hard disk (sata)

  • First of all you will need to switch off the laptop, and remove the power connection.
  • Now turn the laptop over and remove the battery.
  • You should now see something like this:

Step 1

  • You should be able to locate the hard disk cover it usually has a symbol on it that looks like this:

Hard drive symbol

  • Near the symbol(s) you should find the hard disk cover screws remove them and you will see something like this:

Step 2

  • In this case the hard disk is housed in some casing, the screws keeping it attached to the laptop case need removing and then you can slide the hard disk out.

Step 3

  • Next you need to remove the casing screws on the hard disk.


Step 4

  • Finally the hard disk has been removed from it’s casing.
  • All that remains is to place the new hard disk back into the casing and reverse the whole process!

Please note hard disks and other computer parts are static-sensitive, meaning you should ensure you discarge any staic you have. You can do this by touching something metal, before you start this will remove any static build up.

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